Honors Theses (2005-present)


Cultivating Food Justice and Social Capital for Immigrant Community Gardeners: A Case Study in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Cooper

Cultural and Technical Analyses of Pesticide Exposure Risk faced by Migrant Farmworkers, Adams County, Pennsylvania, Micaela Edelson

Changes in the breeding range of the Broad-Winged Hawk (Buteo platypterus) due to habitat fragmentation in the Northern Appalachians, Rachael M. Pruitt

Vulnerability of Elevation-Restricted Endemic Birds of the Talamancan Montane Forests (Costa Rica and Panama) to Climate Change, Violla (Zhen) Liu

North American Plains Bison: Conservation Status and Future Outlook, Sam Donnelly

 Parks for Whom?, Katerina Krohn

The role of adult fiddler crab environmental acoustic cues and chemical cues in stimulating molting of field-caught megalopae, Emily Waddell


The Greening and Browning of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado: Trend Analysis of Forest Vegetation Using Landsat Imagery, Katherine C. Cavanaugh

Fracking in Pennsylvania: A Spatial Analysis of Impacts on Land Cover and Land Use, the Viewshed, and the Audioshed, Kelly A. Collins

A Quantitative Analysis of Cirques on Tröllaskagi, Northern Iceland, Rachael E. Grube

Now Hear This! Orientation and Behavioral Responses of Hatchling Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Caretta caretta, to Environmental Acoustic Cues, Bethany Holtz

Growth Rates of Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas) in Punta Abreojos, Baja California Sur, Mexico, Marjorie E. Howard

Crafting a Campus Sustainability Action Plan: A Grassroots Approach, Jolina A. Kenney


Field-Testing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Monitor Avian Abundance Using Audio Recordings, Megan E. Zagorski

A Feasibility Study of Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Survey Avian Abundance using Audio Recording, Janine M. Barr

Relationships between Forest Bird Declines and Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Prevalence in the Eastern United States, Julie E. Blum

Is It Hot Out Here? Communicating Climate Change using Glacier National Park, Online Media, and Place Attachment, Dori L. Gorczyca

A Morphometric Analysis of Cirques on East Iceland Using GIS, Heather Ipsen


An Evolution of Landscape and Meaning: Gettysburg National Military Park and Mesa Verde National Park, Adrienne M. Ellis

Using Sedimentology and GIS Analysis to Interpret Paleo-Ice Flow in Northern Iceland, Alyson G. Hampsch

Burning With Purpose: A Preliminary Assessment of the Ethanol-Fueled CleanCook Stove as a Potential Sustainable Cooking Alternative in the Village of Gaindikhatta, Uttarakhand, India, Jessie M. Pierce

Wind Forcing of Sediment Flux and Post-Larval Transport in a Patchy, Biogenically Structured Intertidal System, Sondra E. Winders


Effect of Fluoxetine (Prozac) on Locomotion of One Species of Freshwater Snail and Two Species of Marine Snail, Christina Jasion

Renewable Resource Extraction: Experimental Analysis of Resource Management Policies Under Assumptions of Resource Migration, Kevin Lugo

The Effects of Hydration/Dehydration Cycles on Germination in Two Subspecies of Clarkia xantiana, Christopher Strock

Effects of Deforestation on Microhabitat Suitability for Salamander Communities, Kaitlin Watrud

Using GIS to Reconstruct Paleo Equilibrium-line Altitudes from Cirques in Northwest Iceland, Jess Lee

Assessing the Impact of Industrialization on Lead Levels on the Gettysburg College Campus: A Chemical and Spatial Analysis, Nikita La Cruz

Using GIS and Streamlined Landforms to Reconstruct Ice Flow in Northern Iceland, Alexis Moyer

The Food Gap: Lessons Learned from One Rural Community’s Perspectives on Combating Food Insecurity, Emily Constantian

Mitigating Climate Change through Sustainable Cooking in Hoa An Village and Xeo Tram Hamlet: A Gendered Perspective on the VACB Model and Potential Alternatives, Alyssa Bosold


Go With the Flow: Biogenic Structure Types Alter Bedload Transport and Dispersal Dynamics of Macrofauna and Meiofauna in Maine Mussel Beds, Brittany Jones

Mussel Beds Are Mostly…Mud and Shells, Not Mussels! Ecosystem Engineer Cover Types Alter Sediment, Macrofauna, and  Meiofauana in Maine, USA, Mitchell Jones

Catching Cane Toads: Determining Biological Differences in Cane Toad (Rhinella marinus) Trappability and Assessing the Effect of Acoustic Attractant Position on Cane Toad Capture Rates, Alyse Yeager


Exploring Intersections between Wilderness and Environmental Filmmaking, Brian Kelley

Detection and Modeling of Mountain Pine Beetle Red Attack in Colorado, 2003-2009, Jon Walter

Predator and Non-predator Chemical Cues Alter Mussel Self-Organization into Power-Law Clusters, Sara Coleman

Predator Chemical Cues Alter Mussel Self-Organizing Aggregation Rates and Patch Metrics. But So Do Non-Predator Cues!, Danielle Bates Haulsee


Big Box Retail Development and its Alternatives in Rural Pennsylvania, Thomas J. Merce

Sedimentology and Humification Index of Peat Deposits in New York and Maine, Julie Markus

Wave exposure as a predictor of landscape-scale bivalve occurrence in the Gulf of Maine, Christine Urbanowicz

Challenging Notions of Potential:  A Case Study of an Experiential, Discovery-based Botanical Education Program for Four-Year Olds in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Heather Grace-Rutledge


A Greenhouse Gas Inventory of Gettysburg College, Marissa Mizeski

Positive feedback and self-organizing in the soft-bottom system: mussel recruitment is greater to live mussels and mussel shell hash than to terrestrially-derived gravel and muddy sand, Ali Vissichelli

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Damage Increases Soil Nutrient Cycling, Causing Nutrient Leaching into Mountain Streams, Jason Cessna

Foundation Species Effects on Substrate Selection: Epifaunal and Infaunal Amphipods Respond Differentially to Mussel Bed Biogenic Structure and Terrestrially-Derived Sediment, Kyle A. Reeves

Are Mussel Beds Selfish Herds?  Mussels Self-Organize into Fractal Aggregations, Natasha Gownaris

Effects of Student-Initiated Environmental Programs upon Undergraduate Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors, Miriam Parson

Looking East for the New West, Alexandra Bigler

Heavy Metal Exposure and the Incidence of Renal Cell Carcinoma in the Baltic, Kristy Knepp

Examining Prey Resource Value of Hypoxia Impacted Habitats of Juvenile Spot in 2005, Matt Yergey

Greening the Campus: Biodiesel Production and the Differences in Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) Quality as an Alternative Fuel Source for Use in Vehicles at Gettysburg College, Keith Reinemann

Caesar or house salad?  A feeding preference comparison of the crayfishes Procambarus clarkii and P. spiculifer on aquatic plants of the Southeastern United States, Theresa Davenport


Painted Turtle Farm: Assessing initial outcomes of a student-run community garden, Freya Gibbon

An Analysis of Land Use Patterns in the Mid-Atlantic Region, Andrew Rohrbaugh


Climate Implications Interpreted from Sedimentology and Degree of Humification Index for Peat Deposits in Northwest Iceland, Tess Barton

The effects of road data source on road density in south-central Pennsylvania: a GIS analysis, Sarah Lilley

Characteristics of Diamicton from Vestfirdir and the Mainland of Iceland: Implications for Provenance, Kristin Igusky

The Effect of Hydration-Dehydration Periods on Two Subspecies with Contrasting Mating Systems in Clarkia xantiana, Catrina North

Conservation and the State of Maryland: Determined by the Conservation Potential Metric, Jennie Fiorito


The Water Quality of Springs and The Effects of Golf Courses on Stream Water Quality in South Central Pennsylvania, Erin Barkdoll

Evaluating the spatial distribution of ice-scour lakes on Northwest Iceland: Implications for determining the intensity of glacial erosion, Jeremiah Johnson