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Interested in research on greenhouse gas emissions?  Mars exploration?

Hear from Jeff White ’77, Professor of Environmental Biogeochemistry at Indiana University  Tuesday, November 13, noon, Alumni House

Jeffrey White is Professor of Environmental Science and Geological Sciences at Indiana University, Bloomington, serving the past 29 years on the faculty at IU. White has also held administrative positions for more than a decade at IU, including Associate Vice Provost for research, Co-chair of the Campus Sustainability Advisory Board, Associate Dean of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and Chair of the Environmental Sciences Faculty. This past week he was appointed as the first Director of the new Integrated Program in the Environment at Indiana University – a campus-wide program bringing educational and research programs in environmental sciences and sustainability studies under a single umbrella organization the integrates across the entire academic community.

His research focuses on understanding the effects of human activities on environmental processes in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. His recent focus has been on greenhouse gas emissions in northern landscapes under changing climate. Current research grants include a project funded by NASA’s Astrobiology Program to investigate methane cycling in soils at the edge of the Greenland ice sheet as an analog environment for future Mars exploration. The team is developing and testing technologies that enable remote searches for life in extreme environments. Studying Earth’s harshest environments provides insights on how to approach research of potential life on extraterrestrial worlds and also advances understanding of how Earth’s sensitive ecosystems will respond to changing climate.  Professor White holds a B.A. in Biology from Gettysburg College, an M.S. in Environmental Science from Rutgers University, and a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Syracuse University.

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