Congratulations to class of 2020!

Join the ES Department in congratulating the Class of 2020!

* Check out capstone research project topics (see below) from Prof. Monica Ogra’s ES400: Animals, the Environment and Society class! These projects showcase the independent research of our seniors, just as Prof. Andy Wilson’s ES 400: Appalachia capstone in Fall did!

* Congratulations to the following students, whose high GPA won them departmental honors: Zoe Chambliss, Francesca Garison, Hannah Peterson, MacKenzie Smith, Ilana Sobel, McKenzie Somers, and Keyleigh (Kiki) Wallick.

* Congratulations to Ilana Sobel , Kiki Wallick , and McKenzie Somers for also earning additional honors for their successful completion of ES 460 senior thesis projects!