Danielle on Ocean’s Mysteries episode this weekend

Hi, guys –

            See below.  Just a heads-up about recent ES alum Danielle Bates Haulsee’s TV show this weekend.  She should be getting some good air time, although more of the show seems to be about big dudes catching sharks than the little dudette doing surgery on them!

On the sharks, not the big dudes.

            Rock on! – John

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Hey guys, 

Heads up that my episode with Jeff Corwin is airing this weekend, Saturday morning on ABC (for me it’s showing at 9:30am but check your local listings for the right time). Should be a great episode full of sharks and perhaps me saying stupid stuff or looking like an idiot. But surely they will show lots of teeth and hopefully some of my surgery skills!

You can watch the trailer here. 


Hope everyone’s having a Happy New Year!


Danielle Haulsee

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College of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

University of Delaware