ES 241: Environmental Writing students take a working field trip

As part of their course work on the places they “live, work, and play,” ES 241: Environmental Writing class students took a local field trip to Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve, where they volunteered their time to work on combating the invasive species, Rosa Multiflora.  The climbing rose is native to east Asia and was introduced to the US as an ornamental bush.  It’s now considered a noxious weed, and in places like Strawberry Hill there are efforts to minimize its damage.  

The experience was tied to a writing assignment which had two goals in mind: 1) to reflect on the “work” aspect of engaging with environments as places we “live, work, and play”,  2) to reflect on the natural and cultural history of a place. Strawberry Hill has a rich history of human interactions with nature, and by reading about this history and by working on the land, students are encouraged to reflect on what it means (meant) for others who work (and worked) these lands.

As the pictures reveal, the students worked and fit some fun in too. Students in the class are: Taylor McGrath, Elissa Hanak, Ian White, Megan Sherman, Jessica Bozzo, Shannon Haché, Jordan Krebs, Rebecca Taormina, Sarah Hecklau, Sarah Weinstein, and Holly C. Szimanski.