ES alums and faculty present at GSA in Vancouver, BC

Hi everyone,

Three ES alums, Nikita La Cruz, Alexis Moyer, and Rebecca Taormina, and I attended the Geological Society of America Meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada this fall. We had a fun mini-ES reunion!! For details about our research presentations, keep reading…

Nikita La Cruz (’13) gave a talk entitled, "SYNTHESIS AND CORROSION OF SCHREIBERSITE AND NICKEL PHOSPHIDE AND POSSIBLE IMPLICATIONS FOR ORIGIN OF LIFE" in a session called "When Water Meets Rock: Aqueous Alteration in the Solar System". Nikita is currently in graduate school at the University of South Florida.

Alexis Moyer (’13) presented a poster entitled, "THE IMPACTS OF THE CORDILLERAN ICE SHEET AND ALPINE GLACIATIONS ON THE HYPSOMETRY OF THE CANADIAN CORDILLERA" in a session about "The Cordilleran Ice Sheet: A Glacial Legacy in the Pacific Northwest". Alexis is currently in graduate school at the University of British Columbia.

I gave a talk with ES alumna co-authors, Alexis Moyer and Alyson Hampsch (’14), entitled, "GEOMORPHIC ANALYSIS OF STREAMLINED LANDFORMS IN NORTHERN ICELAND: EVIDENCE FOR PALEO-ICE STREAMS" in the Fluvial Geomorphology session. Alyson is currently in graduate school at the University of Vermont.

Rebecca Taormina (’13) is currently in graduate school at Indiana State University studying geoarchaeology, and we are hoping she will present her research at GSA in Baltimore next year. Hope to see even more ES students and alums in Baltimore next fall!! 7000+ geologists in Baltimore—what could be better?!!!?



Sarah Principato, Associate Professor

Department of Environmental Studies

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