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Hi, folks –

Just a quick heads-up about ES junior Sondra Winders and recent alums Brittany Jones and Mitchell Jones. Britt and I gave talks with Sondra and Mitchell as co-authors at the annual Benthic Ecology Meetings, held this year in Savannah, Georgia:

Jones, B. R., M. A. Jones, S. E. Winders, and J. A. Commito. 2013. Live mussels and shell hash alter sediment flux and macrofauna and meiofauna dispersal. Benthic Ecology Meetings, Savannah, Georgia.

Commito, J. A., B.R. Jones, M. A. Jones, and S. E. Winders. 2013. Reefer madness: Shell hash expands spatial extent of bivalve reef impacts on ecosystem processes. Benthic Ecology Meetings, Savannah, Georgia.

The talks dealt with research the four of us have been doing since the spring of 2011. They focused on the effects of so-called “ecosystem engineers,” in this case mussel beds, on sediment, animals, and ecosystem processes in coastal Maine.

Britt did a fantastic job – her first talk at an international conference!

ES students rock! – John

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