ES major Natasha Eulberg attends ImagineNATIVE film festival to conduct research

In October, Natasha Eulberg ’14, attended the ImagineNATIVE 2012 film festival in Toronto with Prof. Salma Monani to conduct research for her ES 450 independent study, which combines her interests in her two majors, Environmental Studies and Anthropology. Tasha’s research project considers how ImagineNATIVE articulates issues of indigenous identity on a transnational level and how it connects activist filmmakers, the general public, and educators.  She argues that the festival conveys both a reaction to and a celebration of the impacts of globalization as recognized in its focus on themes of community, a shared sense of historical identity, and a strong sense of connection to the land.

Her trip was funded by Mellon student funding, and she has submitted an abstract to present her paper at the biennial Association for Literature and Environment (ASLE) conference in June 2013.