ES Students and faculty present at the AAG conference in San Francisco

Six ES majors from the class of 2016, two ES alumni, and three ES faculty attended the American Association of Geographers (AAG) conference in San Francisco, March 29th-April 2nd. Check out the list of presentations below!


The Greening and Browning of the San Juan Mountain Range: Trend Analysis of Landscape Change using Landsat Imagery

Katie Cavanaugh

Fracking in Pennsylvania: A Spatial Analysis of Impacts on the Soundshed, Viewshed, and Land Cover.

Kelly Collins

Carbon, Cookstoves, and Kitchens: Case Studies of Fuelwood Use and the Potential for Ethanol Substitutability in Rural India, Vietnam, and Tanzania

Quinn Heist, Alyssa Bosold ’13, and Jessie Pierce ’14, Monica Ogra

Crafting a Campus Sustainability Action Plan: A Grassroots Approach.
Jolina Kenney

Tiny House Communities: The Next Big Thing?

Siobhan Rae McIlhoney, Maura Conley, Kylie McBride

Satellite tracking of Antarctic minke whales (Balaenoptera bonaerensis) in a dynamic sea ice habitat along the West Antarctic Peninsula

Jessica Lee ’13 et al.

Youth-led Sustainability Mobilization in the Inner City Urban Context: Toward a “Regenerative” Just Sustainabilities

Becca Croog ’15


Paper Sessions

Detecting the creation and removal of fracking impoundments using trend analysis of Landsat imagery

Rud Platt

America’s Best Idea? The National Park Service 1916-2016 Session II: Issues and Prospects
Randy Wilson