ES students publish GIS project in Gettysburg Social Science Review

Hi Everyone,


Lynn Porta and Jesse Shircliff just published their ES230 final project in the Gettysburg Social Science Review.  Abstract and link below. Congrats Lynn and Jesse!


Porta, Erica L. and Shircliff, Jesse E. (2018) "Factors Affecting Biodiversity Protection in the Mediterranean Basin," Gettysburg Social Sciences Review: Vol. 2 : Iss. 2 , Article 3. Available at:

Earth’s biodiversity includes all extant species; however, species are not evenly distributed across the planet. Species tend to be clustered in densely populated areas known as “biodiversity hotspots;” species which inhabit only a single area are also termed “endemic,” and tend to be highly vulnerable to population-reducing changes in their environment. Biodiversity hotspots are considered priorities for conservation if the area has a high rate of endemism as well as a notable and continual habitat loss (Noss et al., 2015). Preventing biodiversity loss is a complex and multi-level decision-making process about setting priorities and defining clear biodiversity protection areas. Biodiversity loss, or the loss of entire species or sub-populations in an area, can be driven by multiple processes, including land use changes, climate change, and the introduction of invasive species (Plexida et al. 2018). The Mediterranean Basin is one such hotspot, transecting multiple countries surrounding the Mediterranean