From sea to shining sea: ES alums = media stars!

Hi, ES folks –

            ES alums Ben Grupe and Danielle Bates Haulsee sent me the following messages and links (see below).  They have both been on TV shows that highlighted their grad school research projects.

Ben is doing deep-sea oceanographic work in the Pacific, and Danielle is tagging Atlantic sharks and tracking them with satellites.

So cool!  ES rocks!

See you soon.  I wish you all a terrific fall semester!

– John

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From: Benjamin Grupe []
Sent: Friday, August 03, 2012 1:01 AM
To: John Commito; Peter Fong
Subject: My 15 minutes of fame…

Hi Doc and Peter,

I haven’t sent much of an update in a while, but this seems like a good week to do it. I was part of a grad student-led cruise here at Scripps, which led to our discovery of a methane seep off San Diego. It’s turned into sort of a big local story, so I wanted to share the press release and a link to our tv/radio interviews at the local PBS station yesterday.

I’m chief scientist for another student cruise in December, which will hopefully be our first chance to see this new seep. It’s the continuation of what’s been opportunity after opportunity by being at Scripps, though it will make this year incredibly busy since I’m trying to finish my dissertation by next summer. I just wanted to share the news, say hello, and hope all is well with you and the Bio & ES departments at Gettysburg.


From: [] On Behalf Of Danielle Haulsee
Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2012 3:35 PM
To: John Commito
Subject: I’m almost famous. <-radio <-video, we are chapter 4

Please pass these links along. A couple weeks ago some people from WHYY tagged along on the boat and did some interviews with me, and (mostly) my PI’s about our shark fishing project. There is a video, in which you can see me perform some shark surgery, as well as a radio segment, where I sound like an idiot. 

Rumor is Jeff Corwin is coming to film next week for a segment on one of his shows… Don’t spread any rumors about it until I follow up with a confirmatory picture though. 

Miss everyone! I will try to visit in the fall, and will definitely be able to give some sort of seminar/talk thing about the ridiculous grad project I have gotten myself into. 

Miss you all!


Danielle Haulsee

Graduate Student

College of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

University of Delaware