Professor Salma Monani wins prestigious fellowship from Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society!

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Please congratulate Professor Salma Monani on winning a prestigious fellowship from the Rachael Carson Center for Environment and Society!! Salma will be in Germany for the next academic year, and we are currently running a search to find her replacement. (More details below.)



Professor Salma Monani wins prestigious fellowship from Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society!

As a scholar and teacher of the Environmental Humanities at Gettysburg College, Dr. Salma Monani explores the interconnections between culture and nature, with particular interest in film’s role in environmental issues. Her research has earned her a prestigious fellowship at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (RCC). This upcoming academic year, she will be headed to Munich, Germany to participate in the Center’s research activities.

At RCC, Dr. Monani’s research with involve Indigenous cinema. Indigenous cinema, also known as Fourth Cinema, is activist cinema that strives for indigenous self-expression and empowerment. The immense diversity in Indigenous cinema’s eco-responses is exciting as it speaks to multiple ways in which native communities across the globe engage artistic expression and tackle environmental threats. Most importantly, such cinema is crucial in transforming stereotypical and discriminatory ways indigenous peoples and their environmental relationships are often imagined and understood in mainstream media. Engaging such cinema critically can help us re-evaluate past histories, work around present legacies, and envision future alternative ways of living sustainably in an ecologically complex world.

Dr. Monani works closely with other foremost environmental humanities’ scholars in the rapidly expanding areas of ecocinema and ecomedia studies. Along with numerous articles on ecocinema, especially its intersections with critical race theory, she is co-editor (with Stephen Rust and Sean Cubitt) of Ecocinema Theory and Practice(Routledge, American Film Institute series, 2013), and Ecomedia: Key Issues (Routledge, Earthscan series, forthcoming September 2015), and is currently co-editor (with Joni Adamson) on the forthcoming Ecocriticism and Indigenous Studies: Conversations from Earth to Cosmos (Routledge, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literature series, 2016).

Dr. Monani’s research actively informs her classes in the Environmental Studies department, where her students in turn inspire her research. You can see such direct inspiration in her publication “Beginning Explorations at the Intersections of Film Festival Studies and Ecocritical Studies.” You can also learn more about her teaching and research by checking out her website.

Congratulations Salma!



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